start planning for your retirement early

What’s the purpose of Retirement Planning?

It’s to help you better be prepared for when you want to stop working.

These days, retirement doesn’t have to come with old age. You may have a goal to retire at 40. You may have a goal to retire at 70. It’s your choice. 

You can retire at whatever age you want, as long as you have to means to survive and lead the lifestyle that you want. 

What kind of retirement lifestyle do you want?

Do you want to travel? Do you want enough money for leisure and entertainment or do you want to worry about your tomorrow’s meals?

Once you stop working, how much money do you need monthly to sustain the lifestyle that you want?

You need to know that as you grow older, you have to set aside more money for medical needs, your daily expenses because there will be a time when you are physically unable to work anymore. 

Is it too early to start planning for retirement? 

When is the correct time to start planning?

You will never be too early. The earlier you are, the more prepared you are. The more time you have to save, the cheaper it is for you. 

However, do a Policy Review before you start your retirement planning.

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