What’s the purpose of Estate Planning & Will Writing?

It’s to help you better manage and distribute your assets and businesses assets securely. 

It’s to allow you to have a peace of mind that if. (touch wood) something happens to you, the needs of your loved ones will still be met, even if you’re no longer around. 

It’s to ensure that your loved ones will get what you intend to leave for them.

It’s to ensure that your business will have someone capable to take care of it after you’re no longer around.

Estate planning is not only for the millionaires. It is for everyone who has some money, HDB flat, or businesses.

When you’re no longer around, what will happen to these things?

Who take over the ownership of your assets when you’re no longer around?

Imagine running a business for 20 years and (touchwood) you met with an accident today, what will happen to your business, your customers and your effort?

A will is not only for the rich.


Because as we have many people in our lives and different people will have different opinions of how they would like to help you manage your assets when you’re no longer around. 

If you have your will written, there will be less chances dispute. 

Your intention will be carried out. Your loved ones will be protected. Your loved ones can get assess to your assets faster. 

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